How to find the best sewing machines

Sewing machines play a vital role in textile business and there are plenty of sewing machines are available in the market. But choosing the best one is the difficult task because you have to consider some factor like brand, weight, price, accessories. At the same time máquinas de coser más vendidas del 2016 are Singer 2250 Tradition, Singer Serenade 8280 and Alfa Next30 Spring. So these three sewing machines are the best one in the year of 2016. The sewing machine singer tradition 2250 is the number one sales and it has the 18 stitch types, Stitch length is 4 mm and width is 5mm.

accesorios-maquinas-de-coser-y-remalladora-mundocosturasIn the singer 2250 tradition you can perform the different types of stitching. It has the automatic four step button hole so you can easily place the buttons in the tiempor ECORD. It is become more popular because of its weight and easy to transport or store anywhere. The price of this machine is affordable and the size of this machine is 22 X 41 X 35 cm.

Singer sewing 8280 Serenade is most popular selling sewing machines in Spain and it has the eight stitch types. It has the automatic 4 step buttonhole and the stitch length up to the 4 mm and the stitch width is 5 mm. The number of accessories including in the sewing machines is pretty good and it is belongs to the branded sewing machines. The Alfa Next30 Spring is the perfect for the beginners who want to perform the basic stitching.