Learn Salsa, The Professional Way In Philadelphia

The word ‘salsa’ automatically rings a bell in the heart and it is not the Mexican- Italian typical sauce that you are wondering about! Salsa dance is a popular rhythmic movement which is performed precisely with a partner. What is all the more intriguing is that the dance form is fiery, full of zest and has oodles of sensuousness. Earlier it was the Hispanic’s who used to perform to the tunes of salsa but over the course of time almost everybody got grooving to it.


salsa dancing Philadelphia

There is no age bar for learning salsa dance and you do not have to be of a particular origin too. Classes for couples are held privately and children’s classes for salsa are also predominant in Philadelphia. If you are a resident of Philadelphia then salsa dancing Philadelphia  gives you multiple options to start off your dancing lessons. Some of the styles in salsa that are taught in Philadelphia are as follows:-

New York style salsa

In comparison to the LA variant of salsa, the New York style is more elegant, it has attached momentum along with it and a divine mix of control. With spins and numerous turns, it showcases craftsmanship. They do have a precise technique which is followed in salsa. The medium of salsa in New York style is done on ‘2’. Sometimes it is hailed as the mambo style as well.

Cuban Salsa

Either of the two, on ‘1’ as well as on ‘2’, the Cuban salsa can be performed. The iconic step ‘Guapea’ is added in Cuban salsa which is commonly called as the Cuba step. The basic ladder from 1-2-3 to basic forward 5-6-7 is performed. It acts as a mirror image between the leader and the follower. Circling around the leader as well as the follower is commonly done.